Mongabay is hiring for a Wire Reporter

Mongabay is thrilled to announce the expansion of its editorial team and is currently seeking a Wire Reporter.

The Wire Reporter will produce at least three short, non-technical articles daily about conservation and environmental issues in English. This role is crucial for covering breaking news related to Mongabay’s editorial coverage priorities, such as high conservation value ecosystems and wildlife, natural resource industries, extreme weather events, environmental governance and policy. The position involves publishing summaries and excerpts of Mongabay features and investigative reports and aggregating information from news outlets and scientific journals.

The ideal candidate will research and write quick-turnaround short-form articles, news briefs, event alerts, and video scripts, working closely with colleagues on Mongabay’s editorial team. Strong analytical skills and the ability to discern what articles are important and relevant to a general audience are essential, along with extensive knowledge and familiarity with environmental issues.

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Please click here for more detailed information about the position and how to apply. We appreciate your interest in joining Mongabay.