Mongabay is a nonprofit conservation and environmental science news platform that publishes original content in English, Indonesian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi and French. We aim to raise awareness and inform decision making about social and environmental issues related to forests and other ecosystems through our environmental news* reporting and analysis as well as environmental education materials.

Mongabay is a 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in California and registered in most U.S. states. Our EIN (tax ID) is 45-3714703.

Mongabay produces original, impact-driven news from Nature’s frontline on a daily basis in multiple languages. Our Special Reporting Projects allow Mongabay journalists to do sustained, in-depth reporting on particular environmental issues. We also enhance the journalism sector’s overall capacity through our internship and fellowship program.

Mongabay’s environmental education initiative aims to provide high quality, engaging, and inspirational biodiversity and conservation media for kids (ages 6-14) around the world.

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