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Content Coordinator, Mongabay-India
aditi [at]
Aditi has over 10 years of experience working in Communication, Public Diplomacy and Journalism. She started her career as a print journalist and has since then moved onto various communication roles with organizations like Amnesty International, the United States Mission in India and the United Nations Development Program. She has received an Erasmus Mundus scholarship to pursue her Masters in Euroculture in Germany and Czech Republic.

Outreach Coordinator, Mongabay-Indonesia
akhyaree [at]
Arry has experience in managing websites and coordinating social media aspect of sites that he founded since 2008. Professionally Arry has worked as a banker, an NGO activist, and an officer. He felt called to do something to save the environment in Indonesia, making the situation more public through online and social media. Now, he lives with his family in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia.


Data Analyst, Mongabay-Indonesia
akita [at]
Akita is Mongabay-Indonesia’s data and research analyst. She was formerly a student leader and an activist in Malaysia, working closely with the government and private institutions to support Indonesian students. She is passionate about social issues, travel, and mother nature.



Program Associate, Mongabay
alana [at]
Alana has nearly a decade of experience in journalism, technical writing, and nonprofit communication. She holds a degree in Environmental Journalism with a concentration in environmental science from Western Washington University’s Huxley College of the Environment. Prior to joining Mongabay, Alana led the strategic communications and community engagement efforts for a Washington-based nonprofit aimed at local land conservation. Reflective of her lifelong love of nature and enjoyment of learning, Alana’s interests include natural history, animal behavior, hiking, and traveling.



Contributing Editor, Mongabay-Latam
alexa [at]
Alexa is a journalist with more than 10 years of experience in political and environmental research. She has extensive experience in production and management of audiovisual content. Before joining Mongabay, she produced and wrote stories for the TV show AmbienTV, an environmental broadcast in Peru with nationwide reach. She also contributed travel supplement articles for El Comercio, an important newspaper in Peru. She is knowledgeable on environmental issues like value chains in forests and the management of protected areas.

Contributing Editor, Mongabay-Latam
antonio [at]

Antonio is a Colombian journalist with more than seven years of experience in matters of public order and the environment. Before joining Mongabay, he worked for the print and digital version of one of the most important magazines in his country. One of his main interests is to highlight the importance of social and environmental issues in Colombia after more than 50 years of internal war.


Staff Writer, Mongabay
basten [at]
Basten is a staff writer at Mongabay, facilitating reporting between Mongabay-Indonesia and Mongabay’s English news.  A Jakarta-based writer with a passionate interest in wildlife conservation, marine protection, renewable energy efforts, and indigenous peoples empowerment.



Digital Outreach Coordinator, Mongabay-Latam
cesar [at]
César joins Mongabay Latam as Digital Outreach Coordinator. He lives in Lima, Perú and has worked in both print and digital media for over 10 years, reporting on everything from politics to sports and entertainment.



Investigations Editor, Mongabay
daniel [at]
Dan is a London-based journalist who has spent most of his career in Asia writing about environmental issues, land conflict, corruption, natural resources and corporate malfeasance. He has worked on investigations for a number of non-profit organizations such as Global Witness, and joined Mongabay in 2019 to oversee our cross-border investigative reporting programs.


Director of Partnerships, Mongabay
dave [at]
David helps manage fundraising and outreach at Mongabay. David has unique job experience: He has lived and worked in the Ecuadorian Amazon, worked as a territory sales manager at Runa and found great success as a grassroots fundraiser. He is inspired by nature and loves to share his passion for the natural world with everyone he meets! David holds a Master’s Degree in Humanities and Social Thought from New York University and Bachelor’s Degree in Globalization and Socioeconomics from University of California, Santa Barbara.


Staff Writer, Mongabay-India
dilrukshi [at]
Dilrukshi Handunnetti is a multiple-award winning Sri Lankan journalist and a lawyer by training. Dilrukshi has extensive experience as an investigative journalist, her core strength, and counts over two decades in mainstream journalism. She writes on an array on topics and considers herself a reporter at heart. She is the Co-Convener of South Asian Women in Media- Sri Lanka Chapter and a gender focal point for the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) in the Asia Pacific region. Dilrukshi has worked across South Asia, reporting, researching, training and supporting media solidarity initiatives.


erik_hoffner_round_full_color_200ERIK HOFFNER
Editor & Content Strategist, Mongabay
erik [at]
Erik manages several reporting beats as well as growth marketing at Mongabay. He’s worked as an environmental journalist since 2005, writing for The Guardian, National Geographic News Watch, Sierra, OnEarth, Earth Island Journal, Yale Environment 360, Grist, Ecowatch, World Ark, and Orion, among others. He also served as Outreach Coordinator for Orion magazine and cofounded Co-op Power, a member-owned renewable energy cooperative serving New England.



Contributing Editor – Forests, Mongabay
genevieve [at]
Genevieve Belmaker is an award-winning journalist and travel guidebook author from New York City currently based in Jerusalem, Israel. She spent more than 10 years as a reporter and editor in New York City and has covered assignments in the Middle East, Central America, and throughout the US. Her articles and photographs have been published by the Epoch Times,, MediaShift, Images and Voices of Hope, Quill (the magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists), The Poynter Institute, Harvard’s Nieman Reports, and others. She is an experienced features, analysis, and investigative reporter who regularly reports on breaking news, crime and criminal justice, gun violence, disaster recovery, the journalism industry and travel. She is a native of Washington State, where she grew up learning to love forests and trees and the deeply profound impact that they have on all of us.

Contributing Editor, Mongabay
glenn [at]
Glenn is a journalist and editor whose writing about the environment has appeared on,,,, and in more than 150 U.S. newspapers. He has worked as a researcher and speechwriter for TV journalist Bill Moyers, and co-founded Blue Ridge Press in 2007, a nationally syndicated environmental commentary service published in 550 of the nation’s newspapers which has reached more than 90 million readers.

Managing Editor, Mongabay-India
gopi [at]
S. Gopikrishna Warrier (Gopi) is an environment journalist with years of experience in communication in Asia and Africa. Before joining Mongabay, he wrote environment stories for publications such as the India Climate Dialogue, Nature India, The Hindu, Frontline, Times of India, etc. He has been a media trainer and handled communication for international agricultural research organisations such as ICRISAT and the Africa Rice Center. He has earlier worked with The Hindu Business Line newspaper and Down to Earth magazine, and also a few national environmental NGOs.

Staff Writer, Mongabay
hans [at]
Born in Indonesia, Hans Nicholas Jong is a Jakarta-based environmental journalist. Before joining Mongabay in 2017, Hans worked for The Jakarta Post for five years. Having covered a wide range of issues, from election to economy, Hans found his passion in covering the environment. Being surrounded with people who spent their lives protecting the environment has fueled Hans’ interests and desires to write about the complexities of environmental issues in Indonesia and other countries.

Senior Copy Editor, Mongabay
hayat [at]
Hayat is a journalist with eight years of experience across newsroom functions in Indonesia. He has written extensively about science, the environment, health, education and politics, and led award-winning editorial coverage at the Jakarta Globe. He is also a published literary translator, with a passion for Indonesian culture and wildlife.


Multimedia Content Producer, Mongabay-Indonesia
hidayaturohman [at] 
Hidayat grew up and lives in Surabaya, the second largest city in Indonesia. He was very amazed by the beautiful nature all around his neighborhood. Hidayat graduated from Yogyakarta’s Institute of Indonesian Art (ISI). Currently, he is starting to express himself through the field of design visualization, and continues to add new technique in related to graphic design skills. In his free time, photography and fine arts are his hobbies.

Isabel profile photo

Contributing Editor-Southeast Asia, Mongabay
isabel [at]
Currently based in Egypt, Isabel began her career as a researcher, news reporter and travel writer in Southeast Asia. Before joining Mongabay in 2016, Isabel spent five years writing about the economy, the environment and social justice issues in the Middle East.



Staff Writer, Mongabay
john [at]
John is an American journalist currently based in Gaza City. Before that, he lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. He has written for New Scientist,, Yale Environment 360 and Bicycle Times, as well as other publications. John first wrote for Mongabay as a graduate student at UC Santa Cruz in 2008, became a correspondent in 2014 and joined the site’s team full time in October 2016. Always eager to find local perspectives on global stories, he has reported from Cameroon, CAR, DRC, Peru and Rwanda.

Contributing Editor – Brazil, Mongabay
karla [at]
Karla Mendes is an award-winning Brazilian journalist working as a correspondent for international outlets since 2015 and in the last two years she specialised in covering environmental, land and property rights issues. Before joining Mongabay, she worked as a land and property rights correspondent for the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Prior to that, Karla was a business reporter for over 10 years in Rio, Madrid, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte, including with newspapers O Globo, O Estado de S. Paulo, Expansión and news agency S&P Global Market Intelligence. Karla has a Master in Investigative and Data Journalism from the University of King’s College, Canada, and an MBA in finance from São Paulo’s Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA). She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Digital Content Editor, Mongabay-India
kartik [at]
Kartik Chandramouli is from Mumbai, India. He worked in a digital advertising agency as the head designer conceptualizing and executing several brand campaigns, website designs, social media content designs for brands like National Geographic Channel India, Fox Life, Axis Bank, Future Consumer Ltd. to name a few. He also led the films division where he worked with different directors, photographers and producers to create digital content for brands, and shot a few assignments too. Photography is the medium that got him into the creative field and now he aims at using multimedia techniques to tell stories from the natural world.


Staff Writer – Philippines, Mongabay
leilani [at]
Leilani is a journalist, creative writer, filmmaker, and humanitarian based in Manila. She has been writing news and feature articles, special reports, and investigative stories on energy, mining, environment, tourism, and local governance for online news organisations in the Philippines since 2008. She has also created contents for microsites on politics, energy, environment, and disaster preparedness. She’s frequently on the road, creates films, and writes flash fiction.

Operations Coordinator, Mongabay
maichue [at]
Maichue supports Mongabay’s operations in the areas of human resource, finance, and grant management. She also manages the internship program and assists with internal program development. Aside from her work, she is actively engaged and passionate about volunteer programs within higher education and has a fascination with trees. Her motto is: practice self-healing.


Staff Writer – Madagascar, Mongabay
malavika [at]
Malavika Vyawahare is an award-winning environmental journalist who shuttles between the concrete jungle of Delhi and the lush forests of Madagascar. A Columbia J-School alum, Malavika has worked with The New York Times and Hindustan Times in Delhi.



Digital Editor, Mongabay
manon [at]
Manon is a multimedia journalist based in New Delhi. She went to India in 2016 to report on how climate change affects women, and never left. Since then, she’s focused on reporting about wildlife conservation, pollution, and other climate change issues. Manon’s articles and videos have been published in The Guardian, Huffington Post, Scientific American, The Hindu BusinessLine and other publications.



Translation Coordinator, Mongabay
translation [at]
Maria Angeles lives in Spain. She started translating for Mongabay in 2013 after finishing her postgraduate studies. She is now helping the team as the Translation Coordinator. Apart from her work for Mongabay, she works part-time as a translator and interpreter. Before joining the team, she worked as an English teacher and volunteered her time translating for different non-profits. She wants to contribute to make the world a better place to live in with her work.


Program Manager, Mongabay-Latam
mariaisabel.torres [at]
Maria Isabel lives in Peru and is the Project Manager at Mongabay Latam. She has been an investigative journalist in politics and economics for mainstream and online media for 10 years. She has worked for the public sector and was part of the team who has organized the COP 20 in Lima. She specializes in environmental issues such as climate change negotiations and illegal mining in the rainforest.


Staff Writer, Mongabay-India
mayank [at]
Mayank Aggarwal lives in Delhi, India. He has been a journalist since 2005 and writes extensively on forests, wildlife, water, climate change and renewable power. He has worked for several media outlets like The Statesman, DNA, IANS (a newswire) and MINT. He has closely tracked every government move to weaken environment laws. In love with nature, he believes environmental reporting is deeply connected to politics and business. Motto: Let’s talk about environment.

Contributing Editor, Mongabay-Latam
michelle [at]
Michelle Carrere is a journalist with more than 10 years of experience. For the last 5 years, she has dedicated to developing research projects focused on social conflicted areas of Latin America. Michelle has generated contents for digital and TV media on subjects related to environmental conflicts, armed, migration, criminality, and territorial.



Staff Writer & Editor, Mongabay
mikeg [at]
Mike Gaworecki is a journalist based in Brooklyn, NY. He has covered environmental science, forests, and climate issues for over a decade. His writing has appeared in The Guardian, Pacific Standard,, Alternet, Treehugger, and more. Mike started writing for Mongabay as a contributor on forests in 2014 and joined the staff in September 2015.



Senior Editor, Mongabay
morgan [at]
Morgan has been writing for Mongabay since 2008 and came on full-time in 2014. Trained in biology, Morgan has taken advantage of every available opportunity to learn more about the world, from working as a fisheries biologist in the South Pacific to evaluating river health in western Montana. Before jumping into journalism, Morgan spent a decade editing scientific manuscripts. Currently, she manages Mongabay’s forests and global palm oil reporting programs.


Senior Writer & Editor, Mongabay-Indonesia
jayfajar [at]
Jay has worked for a decade as a journalist for ANTARA the Indonesian news agency, with the last three years he spent as a presidential special staff on climate change. He has a background biology from the University and helped to establish a local nature lovers club. Jay has also worked as a radio reporter. He is currently working in Jakarta and spends weekends with his family in Bandung, West Java.


Multimedia Content Producer, Mongabay-Latam
patricia [at]
Patricia lives in Lima – Peru and has more than 8 years experience working in communication and digital media. She has worked in advertising agencies, community communication projects in the Peruvian Andes and in the Ministry of Education, providing her experience in digital communication and social media. Patricia is passionate about education, travel, nature and positive impacts through digital channels.


Contributing Editor – Indonesia, Mongabay
philip [at]
Philip Jacobson is a Jakarta-based journalist who has lived in Yogyakarta, Banda Aceh and the capital, reporting mainly on environmental issues, conflict over land and natural resources and all things Indonesia. He is also a media trainer with experience in forestry reporting workshops. In his spare time he likes to explore out-of-the-way places in the region, by motorcycle if possible.


Senior Writer & Editor, Mongabay-Indonesia
rahmadi [at]
Rahmadi has spent his last ten years on working in the field of environmental communication, including gave his service for conservation organisations like BirdLife Indonesia and WARSI. In Mongabay Indonesia, he has responsible for popular science desk, land and forest management. Rahmadi stays in Bogor and enjoys gardening and bird watching.


Contributing Editor, Mongabay
rebecca [at]
Rebecca joins Mongabay after five years as a freelance journalist reporting on science and environmental issues for a variety of publications. Before that she was senior editor at Natural History magazine. She has a master’s degree in journalism from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in botany and literature from the University of Michigan.


rhett butler mongabayRHETT A. BUTLER
Founder & CEO, Mongabay
Rhett founded in 1999 out of his passion for nature and wildlife. For the first ten years of the project, he operated Mongabay on his own, publishing thousands of stories and tens of thousands of photos. In 2012, he launched Mongabay as a non-profit and today serves as editor-in-chief and CEO. Rhett’s writing and photos have been published widely.



Program Manager, Mongabay-Indonesia
rrsigit [at]
Ridzki serves as Program Manager for Mongabay-Indonesia. He previously served as the Executive Director of Telapak, an alliance of Indonesian NGOs, and Gekko Studio, an audio-visual production house focused on developing environmental media.




Bilingual Writer, Mongabay
romina [at]
Romina Castagnino is a geographer and travel & nature photographer. Romina earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Geography & Environmental Studies from Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú and next year will move to Australia to pursue a Master’s Degree in Conservation Biology at the University of Queensland. Her main area of interest is wildlife and forest conservation and she has done research in both northeast and southeast Peruvian Amazon Rainforest. Romina loves to spend her free time traveling, playing sports and working on ‘BioWasi’ -an environmental and travel website she co-founded and launched this year to share her love for nature and passion for exploring the world. Romina’s goal is to become a conservation leader in Peru and protect wildlife through research and conservation.


Staff Writer, Mongabay-India
sahana [at]
Sahana lives in Kolkata in east India. She jumped ship from microbiology to journalism in 2012. She has worked with leading Indian newswire IANS and has also written for SciDev. Net. With a love for all things green, she dreams of bridging the gap between scientists and the media and open up a Science Cafe someday. Passionate about science content creation and marketing. Advocates gender equality. Science diplomacy. Science in Remote areas.


Financial Controller, Mongabay
salman [at]
Salman is the Financial Controller for Mongabay. His responsibilities include fiscal oversight, systems evaluation/implementation, and overall operational support. Salman joins Mongabay from Fiscal Management Associates (FMA) where he provided controller level and accounting systems implementation services to a variety of small and mid-sized non-for-profit organizations. Salman graduated with his Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in Accounting and minor in Political Science from Baruch College (CUNY) and has successfully passed all four parts of the Uniform CPA examination. Salman is also fluent in Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Program Manager, Mongabay-India
sandhya [at]
Sandhya lives in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. She has been a freelance science writer since 2013, writing regularly for Indian and international news portals including the BBC, New Scientist, Science Now and The Scientist. She started as an intern with Mongabay in 2013 and began her current role as Program Manager of Monagabay-India in October 2017.


Senior Writer & Editor, Mongabay-Indonesia
sapariah.saturi [at]
“Arie” is a senior reporter and editor who has experience working for the mainstream media in Indonesia, including several national publications. She focuses primarily on political, human rights, and economics stories for Mongabay-Indonesia.



Staff Writer, Mongabay
shreya [at]
Shreya lives in Bangalore, India. She has worked as a freelance science writer for two years, and her writing has appeared in BBC Earth,, Ensia, New Scientist, The Guardian blog, and others. Shreya started writing for Mongabay in 2013. She was first an intern, and then a news writing fellow and correspondent. She joined the Mongabay team in September 2015.


Wildtech Manager
sue [at]
Sue Palminteri has managed the WildTech beat at Mongabay since its launch in 2015. Trained as a conservation biologist, Sue seeks out and highlights new technology developments of use to the conservation and research communities. She earned her PhD studying primate ecology in Peru and appreciates how and where technology can help in the field.



Contributing Editor – Africa, Mongabay
terna [at]
Terna has been a journalist and a radio producer; a bad student and a great editor. He’s been a short order cook and a media trainer, and still occasionally plays as a right-footed left back. He’s worked in defence of people and the environment against Shell in Nigeria, in support of indigenous rights against hydropower in northern Manitoba, and for biodiversity and community-controlled food systems everywhere. He is suspicious of milk chocolate, acronyms, and words with more than three syllables. He threw his hands up in disgust after Copenhagen, but can’t escape the fact that the question of climate change demands careful answers to all the most urgent challenges facing the world today. He’s lived longest in Canada and Nigeria, but now lives in Cape Town.

Operations Director, Mongabay
tiffany [at]
Tiffany manages Mongabay’s logistical operations and human resources functions. Before her current role, Tiffany founded the internship program at Mongabay back in 2011 and managed the organization’s first reporting program. Before joining the team Tiffany worked as a Recruitment Director at Teach For America for five years.  She holds a master’s degree in Nonprofit Management from Hamline University.


Program Director, Mongabay
willie [at]
Willie is the Program Director for Mongabay where he supports its global news program through the management and implementation of the organization’s portfolio of grant-funded projects. Willie worked previously as the Senior Program Officer for Internews’ Earth Journalism Network where he managed the implementation of EJN’s environmental journalism activities in Asia and led the network’s technology initiatives globally. In this capacity he has trained and collaborated directly with hundreds of journalists to craft in-depth stories and co-create media projects that improve professional skills and amplify the voices of people living closest to environmental hotspots. He started his journalism career at National Geographic Magazine, where he coordinated translation for the magazine’s 32 local language partners. He holds a degree in Geography from Humboldt State University with concentrations in cartography, environmental economics, and Chinese studies.

Brazilian Portuguese Editor, Mongabay
xavier [at]
Xavier is a Brazilian journalist based in São Paulo. He has been reporting social and environmental issues since the late 90s, covering assignments throughout Brazil and in more than 30 countries. He has about 20 books written, focused on subjects like natural resources, sustainability, social development and cultural heritage.



Staff Writer, Mongabay-Latam
yvette [at]
Yvette is a journalist based in Lima, Peru, with more than a decade of experience as an investigative reporter on environmental, science and current affairs. She has worked in printed and online media in Peru and also has written for La Voz de Arizona, in USA, and for La Nacion newspaper, in Costa Rica. She started writing for Mongabay Latam as a contributor and joined the staff in December of 2017.


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