Mongabay News

Mongabay News is our flagship program, which produces regular journalistic reporting on a range of issues. Mongabay’s video, podcast, and investigations initiatives sit under the umbrella of this program.

Mongabay Indonesia

In 2012 Mongabay officially launched, an Indonesian-language environmental news service that includes a team in Java and freelance correspondents across the archipelago. This system enables to report at local, regional and national levels within Indonesia on a variety of social and environmental issues. When it launched, Mongabay Indonesia filled an important gap in a media market that largely lacked environmental stories, garnering the attention of some of Indonesia’s top officials, including President Jokowi and heads of key ministries.

Mongabay Latam

In 2016 Mongabay launched Mongabay Latam, a Spanish-language news site serving Latin America. Mongabay Latam is staffed by a team in South America and leverages a network of in-country reporters across the region. Some of the leading news outlets in Latin America carry Mongabay Latam’s content, greatly increasing their environmental coverage.

Mongabay India

In 2018 Mongabay started Mongabay-India, a bureau focused on environmental issues in India. Mongabay India’s content is widely syndicated and the bureau has built name recall amongst research institutions, government administrators and media managers in India. In November 2020, Mongabay expanded the India bureau to include regular original reporting in Hindi.

Mongabay Brasil

In 2019 Mongabay established Mongabay Brasil, a Portuguese language environmental news service in Brazil. Mongabay Brasil greatly expanded Mongabay’s ability to report in the Amazon rainforest.

Mongabay Education

Mongabay’s education initiative includes both standards-based materials for students and teachers as well as our internship program, which provides an opportunity for aspiring journalists to work with seasoned editors on environmental stories, earning them valuable experience and bylines on our popular news site. In 2020, we added a paid fellowship for reporting on conservation technology stories.