Special Reporting Project: Changing Africa

The African continent is undergoing accelerating changes. Urban and rural populations alike are growing rapidly, paced by rising demand for things like food and fuel, electricity and construction materials. The continent has also been a site for the extraction of resources propping up the wealthy North for centuries – from palm oil, rubber and slaves, to timber and coltan and crude oil – with often devastating impacts on the environment. Looming ever larger over all of this is global warming, with its growing impacts on harvests, habitat, forests and farmland, rivers and coastlines.

How will the needs and desires of Africa’s people be met while protecting and restoring biodiversity and the ecology on which everything ultimately depends?

There are complex choices ahead for people and policymakers in Africa and beyond. This reporting project will try to strengthen accurate and useful understandings of wildlife and ecosystems, considering both fruitful and harmful connections between conservation and development, and contributing to better protection of the natural world.

Among other things, we’re interested in:

Credit: Linus Unah, Mongabay

We welcome proposals from experienced journalists for conventional news stories, in-depth features, investigative reports, profiles, case studies. We will also consider proposals for fully edited and produced videos of up to 10 minutes in length.

Opinion pieces will not be considered.

Each story will be between 800 and 2,000 words in length and will include quotes from at least 3 or 4 original interviews. Authors will be expected to provide 5-10 publishable photos to accompany their articles, along with captions and photo credits.

Completed stories will be published in English on Mongabay.com under an open Creative Commons license that allows for sharing, re-publication, and re-posting. They could potentially be translated into another language and published by Mongabay.

Mongabay will negotiate all fees and contracts on a per-story basis. This series has some funds available for travel. We also offer a small bonus of $25 to journalists who proactively get their stories republished in major third-party print media outlets and on websites that draw more than 100,000 unique visitors per month.

Please submit your pitch here along with your journalism resume and three clips. Pitches should clearly explain the story you would like to tell, a bit of background, and identify possible sources. Applications welcome in English or French.

Pitches will be considered on a rolling basis until October 01 2021, or whenever our budget is disbursed. Stories must be published by November 15, 2021.