Leave a legacy: Make a Bequest to Mongabay

Make a Bequest to Mongabay

Bequests (planned gifts) are intended to be made part of a donor’s will or trust. The gift is deferred until after your lifetime and is exempt from estate taxes. Your financial advisor can help you tailor the bequest language in your will or trust to your particular situation. Sample language for a simple bequest is:

I hereby give, devise, and bequeath to Mongabay.org, a non-profit organization located in Menlo Park, California, tax ID number 45-3714703 the sum of $ _____ .

You can alternatively specify a percentage of your estate or an asset. You can also set up a contingent bequest, under which your gift is contingent on a certain event taking place. Your financial advisor can help with this language.

Other types of planned gifts

Charitable Remainder Trust

    A trust that provides income for life to donor or designee, with the remainder going to Mongabay.org.

    Benefits: Provides immediate income tax deduction with no capital gains tax liability. Possible estate tax savings.

Charitable Lead Trust

    Trust that removes assets from your estate and transfers them to beneficiaries at the end of the trust term. Mongabay.org receives an annual distribution from trust.

    Benefits: Offers an income tax deduction for annual payments to Mongabay.org, yielding a reduction in the taxable estate.

Gift of Retirement Assets

    Gift made by naming Mongabay.org as a beneficiary of your retirement plan after your lifetime.

    Benefits: Avoids income tax on your retirement plan.

If you’d like to discuss how Mongabay could be a beneficiary of your planned giving, please reach out to Dave Martin at [email protected] or leave a message for Dave at 650-260-4018.