Mongabay’s Hans Nicholas Jong and Maxwell Radwin honored with 2023 SEAL Environmental Journalism Awards

Mongabay is proud to announce that senior staff writer Hans Nicholas Jong and staff writer Maxwell Radwin have been recognized with the prestigious 2023 SEAL Environmental Journalism Award. This award acknowledges their exceptional reporting on critical environmental issues, reflecting Mongabay’s commitment to providing in-depth, impactful journalism.

Guacamayos cloud forest in Ecuador. Image by Rhett Butler.

The SEAL (Sustainability, Environmental Achievement & Leadership) Awards, renowned for acknowledging environmental advocates and leaders, celebrated 12 journalists globally this year for their exceptional contributions to environmental journalism​​.

The two first-time winners demonstrated excellence in uncovering critical environmental stories, often navigating complex and challenging scenarios to bring vital news to the forefront.

Exceptional environmental journalism from nature’s frontline

Hans and Max’s commitment to exposing crucial environmental issues goes beyond mere reporting to uncover nature’s nuances. Their work makes a profound impact on the global environmental discourse.

Hans Nicholas Jong

Hans’ reporting has been pivotal in highlighting key environmental issues specific to Indonesia.

“Being an environmental journalist can sometimes be challenging, with threats to media workers’ freedom growing by the day,” he says. “Receiving the SEAL award helps me keep going since it shows my reporting at Mongabay is noticed and appreciated. Therefore, I’m truly grateful to receive the award, which wouldn’t be possible without the support of the dedicated and passionate team of journalists and co-workers at Mongabay.”

Here are some of Hans’ highlights from 2023:

Maxwell Radwin

Through his commitment to independent journalism, Max’s reporting has played a crucial role in raising awareness about environmental concerns specific to Latin America.

“It really is an honor to receive this award. Most importantly, it gives me even more drive to keep reporting on these urgent environmental issues,” he says. “It’s nice to see my name among the list of winners, but there have been so many people behind the scenes at Mongabay who have helped plan, strategize, and edit the work that I’ve done this year. It’s really a team effort, and I couldn’t have done it without them.”

Here are some of Max’s highlights from 2023:

The vital role of environmental journalism

“It’s wonderful that the 2023 SEAL Environmental Journalism Awards have honored Hans and Max for their consistently excellent reporting on issues at nature’s frontline. While both have a regional focus, the issues they cover affect all of humanity. This award is a well-deserved recognition of their fine work,” says Mongabay founder and CEO Rhett Butler.

Mongabay’s continued commitment to quality journalism

Mongabay is incredibly proud of Hans and Max for their outstanding achievements and unwavering dedication to environmental journalism. Thanks to their successes, Mongabay continues to fulfill our mission to improve understanding of the global-scale forces undermining the health of Earth’s systems, while also making science accessible and elevating the voices of people directly impacted by environmental change.