Aimee Gabay

Aimee has a background in journalism with a specialist focus on environmental, conservation and climate-science reporting. Her writing interests span across multiple disciplines, ranging from the ecological crisis to environmental education and community-led action.

Originally from Gibraltar and completing a degree in Journalism at London South Bank University, her upbringing was extremely nature-orientated; she grew up on the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and spent her weekends on a farmhouse in El Estrecho Natural Park in Southern Spain. Proximity to the natural world, coupled with experience in conservation work, significantly broadened her understanding of the many challenges related to forests and other ecosystems. Today Aimee is a dedicated climate and environmental activist who regularly organises and coordinates protests in London.

She previously worked on a biological research station in the western range of the Ecuadorian Andes, immersing herself in conservation efforts and educating visitors on the reserve. Her experience on the frontlines of environmental destruction (living kilometres away from land recently handed to an Australian mining company for exploitation) struck a nerve in her. It made obvious the need for special reporting of our world’s forests and reinforced her commitment to raising awareness of these issues. She believes powerful writing, when sensitive to the troubling realities of the living world today, has the power to remedy the divide between humans and nature, and reconnect people with the trees and forests around them.

Besides writing and activism, Aimee enjoys growing her own food, cooking, spending time outdoors hiking, climbing and reading.