Anna Dulisse

Anna Dulisse is a climate and conservation writer and communicator, and wildlife technician based in a small, forested community in British Columbia, Canada.

Anna spent her formative years growing up in a fishing village nestled in the Great Bear Rainforest. She was afforded little privacy in her small home with her five younger siblings, but her childhood backyard bled into the ever-damp woods behind her. There, amongst western redcedars, Sitka spruce trees, and skunk cabbage, she found solitude and, as an adult, now realizes how this easy access to nature was a privilege that shaped and informed her life, decisions, and values.

Anna’s mother claims she wrote her first novel at the age of five, yet she instead pursued an education in geography and biology, worked a variety of related and non-related jobs (she’s tried to forget that convention centre gig that involved shuttling giant, sloshing, spit buckets away at a wine festival), and didn’t reignite her passion for writing until she had a daughter, because there’s nothing that puts life and priorities into perspective like a year or two of sleeplessness.

Anna cares about exposing environmental wrongs, celebrating conservation wins, and telling the personal stories in between that motivate others to do more or do better. If she isn’t hunched over her keyboard in a local cafe or office, you can find Anna strumming and singing around a campfire, working up a sweat in a self-propelled outdoor activity, or devouring a warm and buttered slice of her homemade sourdough bread.