Anna started her internship for Mongabay in June 2014. She spent her childhood surrounded by horses in Kentucky, USA and her teenage years devoting all of her free time to school band practice in Nagoya, Japan. She then moved to Canada to study at the University of Toronto, and recently obtained an undergraduate degree in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Psychology.

As a nature lover, she had always wanted to work in the environmental field. She is now looking into a career in environmental journalism. Her first job as a writer was at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, where she wrote general interest science articles for the institute’s website. For the next twelve months she will be working towards a MSc Science Communication degree at Imperial College London.

When not typing away writing articles, she likes to go travel. During her time in university she spent a considerable amount of time studying and traveling abroad (Singapore, France, Ecuador, China etc), and she is eager to visit more places once in London. Her life goal is to make friends from all the countries in the world.


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