Anna Nordseth

Anna is a tree enthusiast, lover of hot weather, and professional at excitedly pointing out cute dogs to friends who have already seen them. She is pursuing a Ph.D. in Ecology at Duke University, studying the role of primates in tropical forest regrowth. Anna injects her personal passion into compelling stories, making science and conservation accessible and relatable to broad audiences.

Her connection to the outdoors began at a young age, hiking in Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains and tripping over every rock that got in her way. Over the years, her fascination with science and travels around the U.S. and abroad developed into a professional passion for environmental conservation. She earned a B.S. in Biology at James Madison University, during which time she studied and did field work in Costa Rica and Panama. After undergrad, she worked as a wilderness fellow with the Society for Wilderness Stewardship and spent time in Cameroon, Puerto Rico, and Panama studying monkeys, plants, and amphibians.

Despite her love for her work, Anna often spends her days in the office daydreaming about rock climbing, running, cycling, or simply basking in the sun. She welcomes questions, comments, and constructive feedback, so feel free to reach out over email or on Twitter.