Caitlin Looby

Caitlin Looby is a science writer, editor and educator based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She’s written radio scripts for the Loh Down on Science Radio program, worked in university media and reported for The Times-Picayune | New Orleans Advocate as a 2019 AAAS Mass Media Fellow. She also wrote an op-ed on climate change in cloud forests for The New York Times as well as feature articles for SUP Magazine and Canoe and Kayak Magazine, among others. She is a freelance editor where she’s edited books, dissertations, poetry collections and even restaurant menus. She also teaches a science communication class and writing workshops at the University of Minnesota.

As a former Mongabay intern, Caitlin is excited to join the team as the second Sue Palminteri Wildtech Reporting Fellow. Caitlin is a former scientist and spent twelve years hiking up mountains in the tropics to study microbes, soil and climate change. She holds a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology from the University of Connecticut, a master’s degree in biotechnology from Kean University and a doctorate degree in biology from the University of California, Irvine.

Caitlin spends her free time outdoors, paddling, hiking, camping and playing with her two dogs. One fun fact: she’s lived in every time zone in the continental US. You can follow her @caitlooby on Twitter or check out her website