Claire Wordley

Claire grew up in a concrete jungle, constantly daydreaming about visiting lush rainforests and vibrant corals. After four years studying Zoology, a year working in Australia from outback to reef, and a PhD studying bats in tropical South India, she realised that simply researching interesting animals in beautiful places wasn’t doing much to address the accelerating threats to nature. Deciding that playing to her strengths in communication was probably a better way to help drive change, she worked writing science reports for the policy team at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in the UK, followed by taking up a position as the communications lead at the Conservation Evidence project at the University of Cambridge.

Since moving to Berlin to be with her partner, she has been working as a freelance academic editor, translator, ecological consultant, and writer. She has expanded her focus and is increasingly interested in writing about the energy transition, land titling and Indigenous rights, and climate justice issues; she has bylines in Ensia, Earther, Deutsche Welle and the Guardian. When she isn’t working, she love to dive into Berlin’s many lakes, go birdwatching and mushroom-collecting in the forests, and travel around Europe by bus and train in search of creatures great and small.