Elizabeth Fitt

Hello, I’m Elizabeth, I’m a freelance journalist based out of Beirut, Lebanon. Previously a product development consultant in London, I’m a career-changer – I began with photographing journalistically in Iraq in 2017, during the conflict with ISIS in Mosul. During this time I was frequently laughed at by colleagues for stopping to take pictures of frogs, sheep, ducks, you name it, while in the field. I went from there to my second home, a remote marine research and conservation centre in Borneo and have also been lucky enough to photograph and write for an NGO oil palm sustainability consultancy in Peninsula Malaysia, a rainforest conservation project in Sabah and with organisations developing viable methods to rebuild coral reefs, protect sea turtles and prevent blast fishing.

I am addicted to diving, scuba and free. More than a month on land and my gills get too dry for comfort. I love living things and find the interactions between being and habitat fascinating. Always have. Ask anyone who’s been trekking with me how annoying I am, and they’ll tell you “Very” – I’m the one lagging 10 minutes behind everyone else, most likely with my face in the leaf-litter, looking at some exciting fungi or bothering a spider. I’m very excited to be doing this internship, because I want to work in what I love, and to share that widely. I agree with Baba Dioum “In the end we will conserve only what we love” – and boy do we need to up our conservation game as a global community. I believe telling accessible stories about the environment we inhabit and the light that science can shine on that is of great importance and I hope to contribute as much as possible there.

On the rare occasions I’m spotted without a camera in my hand, there will usually be either a saucepan or crochet hook in its place.