Juliet Akoth Ojwang

Juliet Akoth Ojwang is a dedicated multimedia journalist with experience spanning three years reporting on climate change, environmental and conservation stories. With a passion for impactful storytelling, she focuses on solution-oriented narratives that inspire positive change. Her work, published in renowned outlets such as Internews’ Earth Journalism Network and Talk Africa, showcases her commitment to highlighting pressing environmental issues.

On the environmental beat, Juliet has reported on topics ranging from climate change and flooding’s impact on rising cases of teenage pregnancies to human-wildlife conflict along Lake Victoria’s shores and air pollution. Her investigative reporting extends to wetland restoration efforts, aiding communities in resource conservation and sustainable living practices.

Juliet’s coverage extends to global conservation events like the United Nations Environment Assembly and the Africa Climate Summit. Her exceptional reporting has garnered recognition, earning her grants from various media organizations. Notably, her story on conservation versus investment at Yala Swamp, Kenya’s largest freshwater wetland, earned her a nomination at the Kenya Sustainable Development Goals Awards 2022, where she secured the 2nd runner-up position in the media category.

She is an active member of professional associations like the Association of Media Women in Kenya; Media for Environment, Science, Health and Agriculture; and the Kenya Environment and Association of Freelance Journalists. Juliet holds a bachelor’s degree in communication and media from Egerton University.

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