After about a decade of working in R&D in various organizations in the USA and India, it was by sheer chance, that Lakshmi stumbled onto science journalism in the shape of a two-week workshop. Since then, she has been writing as a freelance science journalist. Science writing gives her the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream to write and combine it with her strong training and experience as a scientist. She has written for publications such as The Wire, Science, and New Scientist. She chooses to write about anything interesting, curious, and quirky. The topics she has written about include climate, environment, physics and chemistry, biology, and technology. You can read her stories here.

She has an undergraduate degree in Industrial Chemistry from IIT Kharagpur, India and a PhD in Polymer Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech, USA. After obtaining her PhD, she worked for large corporations such as Intel and Saint Gobain, developing technologies for semiconductor packaging and photovoltaics. She has also worked at startups developing healthcare technologies and has several patented and commercialized inventions.

She enjoys writing about new scientific discoveries and technologies as much as developing them. She is excited about writing stories at the intersection of technology and wildlife as an intern at Mongabay.