Logan Rance

Originally from a small town in eastern Ohio, Logan grew up exploring the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. Her fascination with the natural world led her to complete her BS in Biology and MSc in Environmental Science at Ohio State University. As a student, Logan
worked in labs studying plant pathology and the impacts of climate change on desert plant communities. After completing her graduate studies, Logan worked as a stream ecologist conducting habitat assessments and freshwater mussel surveys. She eventually went on to
study how climate change impacts our oceans as an intern with Mote Marine Laboratory’s Ocean Acidification Program. More recently, Logan stepped away from research to work as a wildland firefighter in the Pacific Northwest.

Somewhere along the way, Logan realized that she wanted to share the excitement of science and our natural world with others through journalism. She hopes to use her background to bring attention to important environmental issues, and has been developing her communication skills as a volunteer writer for Earth.org. She’s written about topics including changing wildfire regimes, threatened freshwater species, and the ecological impacts of the 2023 Ohio Train Derailment.

In her free time, Logan enjoys taking pictures of bees, practicing her herpetology skills, and getting lost in the woods as often as possible.