Marlowe Starling

Marlowe is a reporter from Miami, Florida, and a junior at the University of Florida, where she is completing a degree in journalism with a specialization in wildlife ecology and conservation. She has covered environmental topics ranging from local climate change impacts to state regulatory changes for fish and wildlife industries. Through diligent fact-finding, she seeks to tell stories that communicate the delicate balance between humans and the natural world, paying special attention to environmental justice. Marlowe was recently published in Earth Island Journal for a piece about the rise of youth-led natural resource conservation initiatives in Tanzania, where she studied wildlife management with The School for Field Studies in summer 2019. You can visit her website here to browse a complete portfolio of her work.

At heart, Marlowe has always been a writer and has a deep appreciation for the power of storytelling. Although she has always been fascinated by wildlife and environmental science, it was a two-week visit to South Africa and Zimbabwe in high school that ignited her passion for the intersection of ecology, sociocultural issues and the African continent. She hopes to one day work as a foreign correspondent, and she looks forward to exploring more countries as a writer, photographer and free spirit.

On a good day, you can find Marlowe browsing the shelves at Books & Books in South Miami, kayaking through mangroves, or honing her yoga and kickboxing practices. She is honored to intern for Mongabay starting in January 2021 as she continues to grow a career covering the world’s most pressing environmental issues. Follow her on Twitter @StarlingMarlowe.