Growing up in Bangkok, most of the nature I saw was through the TV screen. But when I first got to experience it, maybe during a high school field trip, I immediately fell in love. Today, I find myself reading lots of 3rd Grade books about trees and butterflies. Living in a city with just 3.3 square meters of green space per person, books helped me stay fascinated and connected with nature.

There was a certain beauty in the words I read, and it made me believe that if I could tell a story good enough for everyone to appreciate, I could make everyone care. So I began interning at Greenpeace, Bangkok Post and a few other publications where I wrote about sustainability and climate change. I learned from the internet about how people managed to co-exist with nature around the world, and also how my city wasn’t doing very well. Frustration pushed me, and so during the Global Climate School Strike in March, I was out on the streets demanding for trees and climate justice.

It worked. Many showed up, and others listened. But what I’ve learned was that most people didn’t like being scared of Mother Earth. Many liked her, and they wanted to see more of her. And when they do, it was my chance to tell them they can help take care of her, show them how.

I am an aspiring journalist and recent graduate in Communications, currently exploring wacky possibilities to make our world greener. If you can’t find me in the woods, I’m probably out backpacking in some foreign country or talking to some friendly stranger. Otherwise, I’m just in my room writing on my journal and blog about what I learn each day. You’ll also find me on Mongabay soon!