Niladry Sarkar

Niladry is someone who believes in the traditional and slow pace of journalism. After leaving a comfortable job in one of India’s biggest media platforms, he has been working independently for almost two years now. He mostly produces well-researched and in-depth long-form reportages, highlighting issues faced by marginalized communities in remote regions of eastern India. These kinds of stories, especially about people who suffer the impact of climate change, are completely missed by the Indian mainstream media.

He started his career as a freelance environmental journalist with a story on fears of Indigenous people about losing their lands and livelihoods due to a proposed coal mine, resulting from the local government’s alleged violation of the law. He has traveled to northeastern India’s sub-Himalayan region for a story highlighting grave violations of the rights of tribal and lower-caste communities and the destruction of Himalayan biodiversity by the Indian government for a railway project. From stories about victims in coal mining regions to land loss due to hydro-projects, he has witnessed and highlighted through his work how poor and marginalized communities suffer the impact of climate change the most in the Indian subcontinent due to ignorance and the high-handedness of governments.

Niladry is also a post-graduate student and is currently pursuing his MA in journalism and mass communication. Apart from establishing himself as a prominent environmental journalist, he also wishes to research the factors that play in the Indian newsroom for its ignorance toward marginalized Indian communities that suffer the wrath of climate change the most.

When not working or engaged in his academic commitments, Niladry likes to go hiking in the lesser Himalayas. He plans to do a basic mountaineering course and trek to the base camp of Mount Everest by the end of 2024.