Rachel is an avid traveler and nature lover originally hailing from southern Wisconsin. Three years spent living in Hungary as a teenager kicked off her travel bug, and she has since volunteered all over the world, working with children in Guatemala, on a sustainable farm in California, and with great white sharks in South Africa. She developed a passion for conservation through her Biology degree at Grinnell College, during which she studied abroad in Kruger National Park and interned at a restored prairie research area in Iowa. After college, she spent time traveling and volunteering on organic farms before jumping into a Masters program in Marine Environmental Management at the University of York. Recently graduated, Rachel is eager to be back in the field and will soon be embarking on a conservation internship in Fiji.

Rachel has a strong belief in the importance of effective and engaging communication between scientists and the general public, and is excited to help contribute to this goal as a Spring 2017 intern at Mongabay.