UPDATE 5/2/2024: We are no longer accepting applications for this position.

Founded in 1999, Mongabay is an award-winning environmental science and conservation news organization, which publishes original news on a daily basis in an objective (does not advocate), accurate (relies on facts and scientific information) and timely manner to a global audience of conservation scientists, private-sector decision-makers, government policymakers, civil society organizations, journalists in other media outlets, and interested members of the public. Mongabay’s readership across its news sites positions the organization as one of the top sources of environmental news, analysis, information, and inspiration on the Internet.


The Operations Coordinator plays a critical role in a fast-growing organization. Under the direction of Mongabay’s Operations Manager, the Operations Coordinator will help lead and support Mongabay’s effort to systemize internal processes and ensure smooth daily operations and the scale up of activities. The Operations Coordinator will lead the data processing of editorial outputs of special reporting projects, assist in the implementation of Mongabay’s human resource practices, and aid in other administrative projects as assigned.

Work is performed remotely with considerable independence within established policies, regulations, and technical guidelines and is reviewed by the Operational Manager as needed.



  • Process data on the day-to-day operations tasks, such as recording a high volume of publishing output and payment data in a fast-paced environment;
  • Monitor operational systems workflows, troubleshooting issues and ensure completeness of operations tasks;
  • Assist with the maintenance and organization of Mongabay’s cloud-based operations platforms;
  • Effectively research and generate ideas that could help improve data processing through automation and improved workflows;
  • Publish posts on Mongabay’s organizational website, Mongabay.org, primarily about new job opportunities and information about Mongabay’s operations;
  • Provide other support as needed to ensure the operations team meets Mongabay’s high standards of professionalism, consistency, accuracy, and reliability.


  • Assist in the hiring process logistics, such as resume review, schedule and coordinate interviews, and onboarding;
  • Support in documenting the process of onboarding and voluntary and involuntary termination;
  • Enter salary pay statements entries for international contractors;
  • Follow up on requests to onboarding freelance contributors and ensure completeness of contracts and supporting documents
  • Respond to questions and requests from staff about human resource topics.
  • Assist in scheduling internal meetings, such as for performance reviews, internal trainings and informational interviews;
  • Monitor and update staff records, including timesheets and time off calendar;
  • Maintain accurate data on staff equipment purchases;
  • With the direction of the Operations Manager, help in reviewing and developing human resource documents and plans, and provide other support as needed.


  • Report regularly to Mongabay’s Operations Manager on progress toward meeting project objectives;
  • Support yearly administrative task planning in the set timeline;
  • Help develop and document operational procedures, processes, and workflows;
  • Perform other administrative duties including responding to phone messages, e-mail, and other tasks as appropriate;
  • Must be able to work within tight deadlines and be responsive to Mongabay.com headquarters and to other Mongabay staffers via email, Asana, Zoom, phone and messaging platforms.


  • At least two years of experience in data processing, non-profit administration, project coordination or similar; with strong track of success;
  • Accurate, strong attention to detail, and highly organized;
  • Strong sense of database management and data entry processes, familiarity with Asana is a plus;
  • Ability to coordinate multiple schedules;
  • Excellent computer skills/experience that includes: word processing, databases, spreadsheets, and troubleshooting;
  • Exceptional fluency (writing and speaking) in English is required and proficiency in other languages is ideal;
  • Effective interpersonal skills: warm, welcoming and professional demeanor;
  • Excellent listening and problem-solving skills; including exceptional written and verbal communication skills;
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality;
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment with a focus on data processing;
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office, Excel, Google Drive, and project management software;
  • Reliable access to high-speed Internet is required;
  • An effective and collaborative team contributor;
  • Must be willing to commit to a full-time role and available during regular business hours.


This position will play a critical role in the scale-up of Mongabay’s system operations which have grown at an astounding rate over the past years, so the Operations Coordinator will need to embrace efficiency and organization at the highest level. Due to our organization’s culture and global work-at-home staff, the most successful staffs at Mongabay are adept at working independently and produce consistent high-quality journalistic work by taking initiative and thinking creatively about solutions to problems. In this context, this person:

  • Is extremely self-directed, motivated, and reliable;
  • Excel at multitasking and collaboration;
  • Highly organized with an aptitude for problem-solving and learning;
  • Demonstrates talent in data management;
  • Functions independently and produces high quality work with tight deadlines;
  • Makes timely decisions and demonstrates good judgment;
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and work independently;
  • Maintains a strong sense of professionalism and communication;
  • Adjusts approaches according to feedback;
  • Contributes to the Mongabay team by communicating and working cooperatively with staff, while following through on tasks and delivering results;
  • Demonstrates personal integrity and ability to maintain confidentiality.


The work of our organization changes as we continuously seek to have greater impact. All of our team members must be flexible and able to adapt to short and long-term shifts in their job duties. As a globally distributed organization, there is no required location for this position. However, location is a consideration and an ability to coordinate with colleagues working in a diversity of time zones is strongly preferred. Mongabay aims to offer competitive pay rates that will attract, retain, and motivate our full-time staff. Please submit a pay range when applying.


Apply online here (As of 5/2/24 Mongabay is no longer accepting applications for this position). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until filled. On the application, you will be asked to fill out basic contact information, pay rate expectations, reference information (2), and to upload the following two documents:

  1. Cover letter – please provide specific examples of your experience related to this position, as well as specific examples of your ability to work effectively from home and meet deadlines (1 page)
  2. Resume – (1-2 pages)
  3. Two references

Applications must be submitted in English. Please note that you do not need to provide letters of recommendation and we will not reach out to references before getting your permission to do so.

Benefits, Holidays, and Paid Time Off

It is important for all staff to step away from work to renew themselves. That is why Mongabay provides generous paid time off (PTO) for professional development, holidays, sick time, rest and relaxation, and vacation including a flexible work schedule.

We observe 11 holidays and support staff who celebrate other personal and religious holidays.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Mongabay is an equal employment opportunity (EEO)/affirmative action employer and provides EEO to all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, genetics, or any other status prohibited by law.


* The above statements are intended to describe the general nature and level of work assigned to this position. They are not intended to be an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities, and qualifications. Management reserves the right to change or modify such duties as required. All staff are responsible for following applicable Mongabay policies and procedures as defined by their manager and Employment Handbook.