Earth HQ: Mongabay’s stories fuel new platform with real-time climate data

Visualization from Earth HQ

Earth HQ dashboard with visual Earth display.

The Earth HQ platform places Mongabay’s on-the-ground reporting, which features local voices from the Global South, including Indigenous leaders and frontline conservationists, into the broader context of planetary-scale environmental change. Earth HQ’s core is a globe featuring near-real-time environmental data annotated with journalism and multimedia storytelling to explain how the Earth is changing.

Introducing Earth HQ

Earth HQ allows users to interact with data and insights on the up to date state of our global commons – climate, freshwater, forest, ocean, and biodiversity. The Global Commons Alliance (of which Mongabay is a partner) refers to it as a Situation Room for the Planet.

It combines scientific data and visualization techniques with the storytelling of environmental news to present a new way of understanding and confronting the planetary emergency. From wildfires to air pollution to coral bleaching, Earth HQ tracks the forces degrading natural systems. It presents a constant flow of reliable, accessible scientific data on what can be done to protect our vital resources and ecosystems.

Key features:

  • Virtual Earth Display: A dazzling virtual Earth display at your fingertips offering dozens of visualized near-real time data sets on the state of the planet to be explored every day
  • Climate Alerts: Daily headlines that guide users to the latest climate impacts and phenomena happening around the planet
  • Data Highlights: A quick guide to some of the most insightful data visualizations tracking the Planetary Emergency
  • Breaking News: Organized around each of the global commons, delivery of the latest news from our media partners

Earth HQ explained

Earth HQ is the media arm of the Global Commons Alliance, a large coalition of scientific and conservation organizations, and is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors.

Earth HQ’s visualization engine is provided by, a platform for interacting with near-real time meteorological and biological data. Project management and data integrity is provided by the World Resources Institute’s Resource Watch, an open source platform which compiles hundreds of visualized data sets from the world’s most reliable sources. Environmental journalism is provided by EarthHQ’s media partners, Mongabay, and NowThis.