Film about Mongabay advisor Jane Goodall gets seven Emmy nominations

“This film is inspiring thousands of people, and that can only help the chimps,”  advisory board member Jane Goodall told Mongabay regarding the new documentary film about her life, Jane. Last week, the film received seven Emmy Award nominations, including one for exceptional merit in documentary filmmaking. It was created by National Geographic and directed by Brett Morgan.

Dr. Goodall has been a key advisor to Mongabay since she joined the board in 2014, and speaks frequently with the Mongabay team and most often with Founder & CEO Rhett Butler, including for the organization’s podcast recently, here.

The conservation icon recently returned from a speaking tour around South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya: she is always quite busy on these trips but found time to briefly visit three chimp sanctuaries in the region. The Jane Goodall Institute is working here and elsewhere on the continent including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Burundi, Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Senegal and Mali to establish chimpanzee research and conservation programs. They have also created sanctuaries to care for orphaned chimpanzees.

Read Jane’s reflections on last week’s first World Chimpanzee Day on July 14 at her organization’s blog here.

Banner image of Dr. Jane Goodall by Morten Bjarnhof/GANT.