Mongabay is accepting pitches for special reporting project on reforestation

Sapling growing in a forest

Sapling growing in a forest. Courtesy of Mongabay.

Are you interested in reporting on reforestation worldwide?

Considering the ongoing biodiversity and climate crises’ effect on environmental initiatives, namely reforestation efforts, it is a crucial time to report on reforestation projects and investigate tree-planting organizations to examine their operations and verify their public statements and claims. Necessary nature-based solutions to these challenges have spurred growth in the sector and their transparency is of the utmost importance.

Submit your pitch

Mongabay is pleased to announce a special reporting project focused on reforestation efforts around the world. We welcome new story proposals for print, video, data, and multimedia journalism. For a full description of the project and details about how to submit your pitch, please click here.

Our interests

Mongabay is particularly interested in stories that are relevant to one of the following subjects, themes, or approaches:

  • Case studies of “good” and “bad” tree-planting projects on the ground.
  • Articles presenting findings from scientific research relevant to reforestation projects.
  • National level profiles detailing commitments, actions, and projections to achieve reforestation and forest restoration targets.
  • News articles documenting the development of reforestation initiatives.

Learn about our reforestation work

Our Reforestation Special Reporting Project is a solutions-oriented effort that aims to help inform decision-making by promoting awareness of the effectiveness of reforestation projects and increasing transparency about how they operate. The recent launch of our Reforestation Directory is intended to help reporters find relevant projects for their reporting.

Pitch a story to Mongabay about reforestation here.