Now you can directly support reporting projects

madagascar_maroantsetra_0113A new and exciting initiative is underway at Mongabay! This week, Mongabay will launch a fund-raising and community building initiative that seeks to leverage the people power and financial resources of the organization’s millions of readers and supporters. The appropriately entitled “Impact Fund” initiative will unify a grassroots network of environmental activists, scientists, educators, and other Mongabay supporters in order to maximize the organization’s positive impact on conservation.

“Right now, our organization is supported almost entirely by small to medium-size foundational grants.” said Dave Martin, who works in development for Mongabay. “These grants are usually program specific, last one to three years, and are not guaranteed to be renewed in the future. We often find ourselves on pins and needles during the grant cycle, waiting for funding to arrive. We hope the Impact Fund will alleviate some of these jitters by providing us with predictable, sustained income from a broad base of supporters”.

At its core, the Impact Fund is a membership-based community where individuals offer monthly contributions. Going into the future, however, members will enjoy a more robust experience, including access to high-resolution nature photos, behind-the-scenes content, and opportunities to engage directly with Mongabay staff. As the initiative grows more popular, we expect to develop features exclusive to Impact Fund members.

Sifaka lemur in Madagascar. Photo by Rhett A. Butler

Sifaka lemur in Madagascar. Photo by Rhett A. Butler

Founder and Executive Director, Rhett Butler sees this initiative as a natural progression in the organization’s growth. “We are excited to see where this goes. The community that uses Mongabay is very unique and we hope this initiative spurs further collaboration across the field of conservation.”

To kick things off, an anonymous Mongabay supporter has put up $25,000 in matching funds for all September donations, agreeing to match monthly donations offered during the month of September 12 to 1!

For all questions regarding the Impact Fund, please email Dave Martin via dave(at)