ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES: How ‘One Health’ Connects Humans, Animals, and Ecosystems

The cover of the May 2014 Environmental Health Perspectives magazine featuring Nicole’s reporting.

Mongabay.org SRI Fellow Wendee Nicole published a cover story in May 2014’s Environmental Health Perspectives titled “Seeing the Forest for the Trees: How “One Health” Connects Humans, Animals, and Ecosystems.”  The story focuses on the emerging “One Health” movement which recognizes the inextricable connections between animals, humans, and ecosystem health. Nicole reports on this new perspective that is leading not only to new scientific research but also to initiatives that are helping those in poverty, improving their health, reducing human / wildlife conflict, and preserving the environment.

Nicole was the winner of Mongabay.org’s inaugural prize for environmental reporting and is reporting on innovation in tropical biodiversity conservation.