Mongabay is seeking stories on spirituality and conservation

Rainbow over oil palm plantations and forest in Jambi. Image by Rhett A. Butler.

For many Indigenous peoples, local communities, and believers worldwide, religion and spirituality play a central role in how they understand the universe, relate to the land, evaluate morals, and curb their behavior. It has wide-reaching implications in how people know and act, influencing how humanity interprets, copes with, and alleviates the planetary emergency. To date, religious believers make up most of the Earth’s population.

Mongabay is excited to launch a new reporting project focused on exploring how reverential relationships to sacred living places and religious teachings are vital for understanding how people mobilize and persevere against ongoing industrial-scale environmental destruction. The project will also examine how religious groups’ actions, teachings or leadership can further environmental harms.

Mongabay is seeking proposals from experienced journalists for conventional news stories, in-depth features, investigative reports, profiles, and case studies centered on spirituality and conservation. We will also consider proposals for fully edited and produced videos of up to 10 minutes in length. Stories can cover any region (with a preference for biodiversity hotspots).

For more information about story topics and a full description on how to submit your pitch, click here.

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