Write about palm oil for Mongabay

Palm oil reporting opportunity

Through the end of 2016, Mongabay will commission scores of articles about palm oil under a special program. These will examine a variety of aspects of the industry, many of which have not been closely considered. Journalists across the world are invited to pitch sharply focused stories about events, findings, successes, failures, problems, solutions and whatever else sheds light on this crucial and rapidly expanding sector.

All articles published on Mongabay under this initiative will carry a Creative Commons license to encourage reproduction in other media. Journalists will receive a bonus if they reach out and persuade an outlet with at least 50,000 unique monthly visitors to republish their piece. All journalists will be paid by the word. Mongabay has limited funds for travel, which would be available in a minority of cases where outputs may include articles placed in high-profile third party media outlets.

Learn more about this opportunity and pitch us your story idea.