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Want to see Mongabay at the annual SXSW conference? This big cultural event in Austin, TX, features top thinkers, artists, activists, journalists, filmmakers & musicians performing and discussing the biggest topics of our times.

Please vote ‘up’ for our event on addressing the climate crisis with solutions ranging from philanthropy to reforestation, here:

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Event details:

Funding the Frontlines of Climate Change
The climate crisis has proven to be an emergency that needs to be addressed with solutions rooted in intersectional thinking that acknowledges global challenges requiring both immediate and sustainable action. This panel will seek to answer the question of why money matters in climate change, and who, as well as where, it needs to be directed. Representatives from Jonas Philanthropies’ Trees for Climate Health, Common Vision, and Mongabay will discuss the middle ground between these, and the reality of balancing a community-focused approach, as well as an overarching, philanthropic strategy that encompasses climate action in an equitable, just, and smart way.

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Banner image: Liberian rainforest by Rhett A. Butler.