Hiring for an Indigenous News Reporter

Indigenous peoples’ stewardship of natural resources is increasingly being recognized as a critical priority in efforts to combat climate change, protect biodiversity, and maintain the ecosystems that sustain the planet. Yet indigenous communities continue to face grave threats when it comes to protecting their lands. Some indigenous peoples are challenged by governments’ failure to recognize their land rights and the loss of traditional knowledge, which erodes cultural identity. The lack of secure land tenure among Indigenous communities is an important factor in the proliferation of deforestation, biodiversity loss, human rights abuses and rising inequality. Indigenous lands are often targeted for industrial resource extraction, oil and gas development, mining, logging, and infrastructure projects. This industrial resource extraction is having profound impacts on Indigenous communities, who are disproportionately affected by environmental degradation.

Recognizing that life experiences and perspectives are critical to report effectively on issues related to Indigenous peoples and communities, Mongabay is seeking candidates who identify as Indigenous or have extensive experience living and working in Indigenous communities to apply. The Indigenous News Reporter will help expand Mongabay’s news coverage of Indigenous-led conservation projects and other environmental issues that affect or are relevant to Indigenous communities and cultures in both international and local contexts.

Hiring for this position is now closed