Mongabay honored with the 2023 Biophilia Award for Environmental Communication

Mongabay Indonesia’s program manager, Ridzki Sigit, shooting the underwater world in northern Bali. Image courtesy of Ridzki Sigit.

The fifth annual Biophilia Award for Environmental Communication has been awarded to Mongabay for its commitment to reporting on issues related to nature and biodiversity, particularly in countries in the Global South. Past recipients have included The Guardian and journalists Elizabeth Kolbert, Marlowe Hood, and Matt McGrath.

Mongabay’s impact on global environmental journalism

Renowned conservation scientist Jane Goodall, who serves on Mongabay’s advisory board, said Mongabay “not only highlights the problems in the world, but also discusses solutions from the ground up” and that it “tells inspiring stories of people fighting and risking their lives as they strive to save wildlife and the environment.”

From humble beginnings to global recognition

American journalist Rhett Butler founded Mongabay in 1999. Image courtesy of Rhett A. Butler.

Founded in 1999 by U.S. journalist Rhett A. Butler, Mongabay’s nonprofit digital platform has built a network of 800 correspondents in 80 countries and publishes original reporting in six languages, including English, Indonesian, Spanish, French, Hindi, and Brazilian Portuguese.

Driving change through informative reporting

Through its news coverage, features, and investigations, Mongabay has driven numerous impacts, such as influencing policy decisions in the palm oil industry in Indonesia and increasing transparency and accountability in the global fishing industry.

More impact through evidence-based journalism to come

Staff writer Liz Kimbrough reporting from the cloud forests of the Intag Valley, Ecuador, where communities organized to prevent a new copper mine. Photo by Romi Castagnino.

In celebrating this new recognition, Mongabay looks forward to continuing to drive impact through fact-based reporting, which has been – and will continue to be – instrumental in influencing policy decisions and fostering transparency within industries that impact the environment.

Support independent environmental journalism

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About Mongabay

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