Mongabay welcomes David Akana as the new program director for Africa

Mongabay is excited to announce the appointment of David Akana as the new program director for Africa. This marks a critical step in expanding Mongabay’s environmental and conservation news coverage across the continent.

With his wealth of experience in the African environmental journalism landscape, David aims to elevate Mongabay’s reporting to new heights. “Our vision is to position Mongabay as a leading, respected and impactful source of African conservation news,” he says. “We acknowledge that exceptional journalism can significantly impact resource mobilization and outreach, which is why we will prioritize our editorial work.”

He also emphasizes the relevance of African environmental solutions for a global audience, stating, “The way in which Africans address the challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, and food systems will have a significant impact on the future of not only Africa, but also Europe, North America, Asia, Latin America and Australia.”

Mongabay remains committed to enhancing transparency of environmental issues and looks forward to producing more impactful journalism in Africa under David’s leadership.

Three new job openings for Africa

Southern white rhinos in Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park. Image by Jim Tan for Mongabay.

In line with the vision to foster high-quality environmental reporting across Africa, Mongabay is also expanding its team there. Currently, the following staff positions are open:

Africa French Editor

The Africa French Editor is a new editorial position focused on publishing French-language reporting on issues relevant to the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and their habitats, development pressures and the activities of natural resource industries, and the impacts of climate change on both ecosystems and communities across the continent.

Africa Content Coordinator

The Africa Content Coordinator will ensure that Mongabay Africa’s website content is up to date, outreach plans are executed seamlessly, and social media is managed effectively to increase awareness and engagement with the work and mission of Mongabay Africa.

Fellowship French Editor

Lastly, the Fellowship French Editor will be responsible for managing Mongabay’s fellowship program in Africa; working directly with fellows to publish on Mongabay’s French-language website.

Please submit your applications to join this dynamic, bilingual reporting team!

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