Mongabay in the news, from the Washington Post to The Week and beyond

Missing pieces of the puzzle: jaguar. Image by Erik Hoffner for Mongabay.

The Mongabay news team had a busy third quarter of 2023, with its work cited or republished by media outlets ranging from The Washington Post  – which relied on our reporting for their discussion of solar energy trends in India – to The Week that referred to Mongabay’s June report in their coverage of Amazon deforestation trends – and scientific research stalwarts like JSTOR Daily  whose editors enjoyed our feature on agroforestry-grown breadfruit – among others.

Mongabay’s reporting was also discussed on radio and TV during this time: the lead reporter on our recent investigation about the UN’s questionable reliance on carbon offsets to claim climate neutrality, Jacob Goldberg, was interviewed about the findings by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s Counterpoint program plus TRT World, Planet Critical, and others, while key sources for a feature on the multiple crises faced by Brazil’s Yanomami community from illegal miners were heard on First Voices Radio in Kingston, NY, and a New York City-based radio program discussed the findings of a report on the intriguing new conservation technology/sustainable agriculture solution of ‘virtual fencing.’

Mongabay regularly offers its writers and editors for interviews and speaking engagements like these, learn more and see a list of staff available for interviews here.

Numerous media outlets also chose to republish entire Mongabay reports, from India Development Review’s reposting of a feature about climate-driven heat action plans in India to Eco-Business which republishedreport about solar pumps being used to bolster sustainable agriculture.

We encourage fellow media outlets to republish our features like this via the Creative Commons, too, one can review the guidelines here.

Here’s a brief selection of media outlets where the Mongabay team’s work appeared during the third quarter of 2023:

ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation),, Africa Report, Australian Geographic, CNBC-Indonesia, CNN World Today, Cambodianess, Canadian Mining Journal, Christian Science Monitor, Circle of Blue, Clayton County Register, El Colombiano, Common Dreams, Counterpoint, Daily Kos, Daily Maverick, El Desconcierto, Deseret News, Eco-Business, EcoWatch, Environmental Health News, Euro ES News, First Voices Radio, Gulf Today, Heritage Radio Network, India Development Review, India Times, The Island Online, JSTOR Daily, Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences, Journal of Peasant Studies, Khmer Times, Kiri Post, La Marea,, National Review, Negocios & Politica, New York Post, New York Times, News 9 Live, Nieman Reports, O ((Eco)), Outdoor Life, El Pais, Planet Critical, Premium Times, Shillong Times, Smithsonian, South Africa Today, The Star, Tempo, UOL, The Vibes, WKNY-Kingston NY, Washington Post, The Week, The Wire, World Economic Forum: Agenda, Yahoo News, and Yahoo Noticias.

Banner image: Missing pieces of the puzzle: jaguar. Image by Erik Hoffner for Mongabay.