Mongabay public event in Seattle, May 17


Mongabay staffers will visit Seattle soon, and on May 17 Seattle Audubon will host them for a panel discussion about the ever growing use of technology in conservation, from drones to GPS and AI. Speaking will be Founder/CEO Rhett A. Butler, Wildtech editor Suzanne Palminteri, and board member Christopher Herndon. They will be joined on stage by Audubon’s Megan Friesen, who is a bioacoustics researcher (and recent guest on Mongabay’s podcast, listen here).

Learn more here and please join us, or tell a friend if they’re in the area. View full information at the Aububon site.

Banner image: Researchers using a small drone tested ground and aerial photo measurements to calculate leopard seal size and mass using the body length (between the blue dots) and width at various points along the body (the pink dots). This method allows scientists to gather important population data without capturing and stressing the animals. Photo credit: NOAA AERD

Video footage of the event


Author: Erik Hoffner

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