Mongabay’s performance during Q1 2018

The first quarter of 2018 was a strong one for Mongabay. Traffic to our four main news sections — Global English, Indonesia, Latam (Spanish), and India — grew 26 percent versus Q1-2017, with a net increase of 567,000 users and 1.73 million pageviews.

The biggest new development during the quarter was the official launch of Mongabay-India in mid-January. Mongabay-India’s readership and social media following grew rapidly since its inception — a trend we expect to continue as the team grows from two to six staff in the next few months.

2017 trends

Traffic to Mongabay hit a new record in 2017. We had more than 24 million visitors and nearly 56 million pageviews during the year. Indonesia attracted the most traffic of our news sections, followed by English and then Spanish.

Mongabay published more than 4,000 articles across nine languages. Indonesia led the way with 1,830 stories, followed by our global English section with 1,268, and Spanish with 648.

The shift toward mobile devices continued through 2017, with more than 70 percent of users visiting Mongabay on cell phones. Mobile users primarily access Mongabay via the mobile version of our web site and Facebook Instant Articles. Mongabay plans to release a mobile app in the second quarter of 2018.

Facebook was our largest source of traffic in 2017 with 13 million user sessions.


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